What Is the Most Important Factor in Buying Your Yearly Pet Insurance? A Few Considerations to Make in the Netherlands

Comparing pet insurance is very easy. You will immediately receive an objective overview of the reimbursements and premiums. More than 200.000 people already did so. You’ll also find detailed information about all animal insurances and general information about parenting and behavior in our blogs.

Compare Pet Insurance – Save Your Premium

Which insurer is best to choose if you want to get a good pet insurance for your pet? That is a difficult question because do you want the cheapest, the most comprehensive or something in between. From about 10 euros per month you have a good cat insurance and from 20 euros per month a basic dog insurance that covers the most common vet treatments.

Such as a consultation, laboratory tests, X-rays, a medically necessary operation, admission and stay in the veterinary clinic and medicines. Insurers also have additional packages for such things as dental treatment, chemotherapy or treatment of hips or elbows. If you want to include these coverages in the comparison you only have to tick them. So compare not only the premium, but especially what is covered and what excess you have. The excess can be a fixed amount per bill, but also a percentage, want to know more about this? Read about the specific hondenverzekering in The Netherlands.

Choose Smart

Is the best pet insurance always the most expensive? That depends on your wishes and your wallet. The monthly premium of a pet insurance is mainly determined by:

The coverage; the more extensive the coverage, the higher the premium

Your own risk; if you choose a high deductible, your premium will be lower

The maximum amount of the compensation

The age of your pet; for a puppy or kitten you pay a lower premium

If you want to pay for minor interventions and standard vet visits yourself, but still want to be well insured, then a cheaper basic insurance with a slightly higher deductible is a smart choice. You can find out what best suits your needs and budget by comparing all pet insurances at insure your pet even if you look for the goedkoopste kattenverzekering.

Is Pet Insurance Wise?

Whether pet insurance is a wise choice depends on your personal financial situation. If you often have tight budgets, or you are worried about the cost of the vet, then insurance for your dog or cat is definitely recommended. After all, you want to take good care of your pet and that includes medical care. Bear in mind that an operation or treatment of, for example, a chronic illness can easily cost more than 1000 euros. With an animal insurance these costs will be reimbursed minus your own risk.