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You determine your own investment strategy. Trading on the stock exchange has become increasingly easy with the advent of the internet. You give your orders online and they are processed immediately. In order to invest yourself, you must immerse yourself in the subject matter.  If you feel like it and have the time, then investing yourself is a fun and challenging way to build up capital. With your knowledge and insight you can outsmart other investors. If you don’t feel like it, it’s better to invest in an investment fund. Here you can comparar corredores de bolsa en Espana.

Compare costs brokers

Because you trade on the stock exchange yourself, the costs of investing with a broker are limited. The following costs should be taken into account. You start by opening an investment account. With the money in this account you can trade. Purchases are debited and the proceeds of sales are credited to the account. Some brokers charge a fee for this, the management fee.

  • You also pay transaction costs per purchase or sale. These costs can quickly increase. For a good comparison of the costs per broker you need to estimate how many transactions you expect to make. In our overview you can compare the costs per transaction of the different brokers.

Other features brokers

In addition to the cost, there are a number of other different features that you can compare brokers with. For example, the quality of the investment platform is important. Brokers also offer various extras such as free investment tips and seminars. However, these characteristics are subjective and have therefore not been included in the comparison. In order to learn more about the quality of the investment platform, you can request a free information package from various brokers, open a demo account or request a test version on this website.

Once you have made the choice to invest, you will need to select a broker

Investing starts with choosing a party that will support you and execute the actual orders on the stock exchange. There are several brokers in the market that offer this in an online version. This allows you to view the prices in real time, make graphical and technical analyses and follow the development of your portfolio. Important for a novice investor is that the broker offers a user-friendly platform in which you are supported as well as possible. This in the form of explanation, online education and for example webinars.


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